Patents / Utility Models

Technical Specialization: With our numerous patent attorneys, we can provide you with an expert specializing in exactly that technical field under which your unique invention falls.
Application Drafting: Due to our expertise, we create value for you, and we draft every application such that it may be used globally.
Patent Prosecution: Our many years of experience will lead to grants of your applications in the form of strategic technological monopolies.

Opposition / Invalidation: We suggest successful defense strategies for your patents. Patents of others will be severely attacked by making use of all available means.
Expert Opinions: Rely on us and prevent disputes.
Patent Litigation: We create teams for being the Winning Team for you.


Your Logos become Rock Solid

Reserve and maintain the best possible legal position against your competitors for your brands not only through our sophisticated trademark strategies but also by taking advantage of our full service which covers domain name registration, e-commerce, Internet Law and Product Piracy Protection Law.


We put your Creativity in the Correct Form

Take us as your guide as regards appropriate application strategies for getting rights registered, including the filing of Community design applications with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).


Improve your Competitiveness

Continue along your path of success and use our professional support to surpass your competitors.

Strategic Counseling

Taking the right Decisions at the right Time

Take our advice for selecting among searches, patent application filing strategies, intelligent prosecution, approaches for achieving the best possible scope of protection of patents, registrations of other IP rights, validations, revisions, concepts for national and international litigation, licensing and various dispute resolutions.

Licensing and Transactions

Legally safe Commercialization of your IP Rights

We provide expert advice for all kinds of licenses and intellectual property transactions being part of or relating to different types of license agreements, mergers and acquisitions, technology cooperation and technology transfer contracts.